About Us

Radix Farm is a 5 acre diversified vegetable farm in Malaga, WA.  We grow over 50 different types of vegetables for our CSA, farmers markets, and restaurants in the Wenatchee Valley.  We also raise chickens for eggs and bees for honey and wax.  We are proud to be Certified Naturally Grown.

The word Radix encompasses everything we strive for here at the farm.  Radix is the root word of radical and itself means "root".  Radical is defined as going to the root or origin; fundamental change.  

The food we eat is one of the most personal choices we make 3x a day, every day.  We believe every purchase of every single food product needs to be considered a political decision. As consumers, we indeed are co-responsible for making informed choices, to check if the product we are about to buy meets the environmental, quality and social standards for the future world we want to live in.  The next time you buy groceries, remember: it’s decision time. What you eat is what you vote for.
About Farmer Deb

Deb has been obsessed with food for as long as she can remember.  She was always known for bringing bags of veggies to school for lunch.  Her first idea of rebellion as a teenager was to get an "Eat Your Veggies" tattoo (she didn't do it-but it's still a dream!)

She studied Biology at Whitman College, fell in love with bees and studied pollination behavior and small scale agriculture for her senior thesis.  

After college, she worked in Outdoor Education and began to think more about where her food came from.  Shopping at grocery stores  started to feel overwhelming as she tried to decipher labels and make more informed choices.  Buying Organic became a priority but was very expensive for a traveling young adult.  Then, she discovered Willing Workers on Organic Farms (WWOOF) and decided to volunteer for a summer on a small family farm.

Her life changed forever after that.  She continued working on farms for the next 4 years as an intern, then as a farm manager.  From New Mexico to Colorado, North Carolina to Washington, she continued to devour knowledge and experiences wherever she could, with the ultimate goal of starting her own farm.

She moved to Wenatchee in 2012 and founded Radix Farm in 2015.  Now, the focus is on growing a diversity of annual vegetables and fruits.  She is also developing educational opportunities to expand Radix Farm's reach into the young Wenatchee community and help grow awesome leaders for our future.  

About Farmer Graham

Graham studied Chemistry and Geology at Whitman College and has always had a passion for the natural world.  An avid biker, hiker, and climber, he took his skills on the road and spent the next 6 years teaching leadership through adventure at wilderness therapy programs and Outward Bound.  

With his unique skills and passion for youth, he went back to school and got a Masters in Teaching at UW.  He found a wonderful job at Wenatchee High School where he now teaches science, as well as how to be an awesome human.

In all their years traveling and working seasonal jobs, Graham would spend his time off working on whatever farm Deb was on.  He too has a passion for good, clean, healthy food and took every opportunity to learn about how to grow vegetables.  Now he has the summers off and is Deb's go to guy on the farm.  He builds, weeds, and generally keeps moral up even when the temperatures are soaring.  And he is really good at picking green beans!

Our Mission is to serve and engage our community by:                                 Providing Sustenance
Sustainability and
Food Security

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